Conservatories match the affordability with beautiful design and function. Windows & Doors Dublin have conservatories that are fit to make your home safe and efficient. Here are things you should know about conservatories, its benefits and whether it is right for you.

What are conservatories?

It’s a glazed structure built with a glass roof and walls, perfect for those who loves outdooor and at the same time does not want to leave their home. Conservatories are attached to buildings as standalone structures. They can be used all year round for entertainment and designed for commercial showrooms. 

It can be used either for commercial or residential applications. It can be used as family room, dining room or entertainment room. They can also be found in commercial applications such as rehab facilities, restaurants and retirement homes. They can be customised to achieve a multifunctional living space. 

There are conservatories built for variety of functions. We have designs with classic feel that complements period style homes but also modern in structure. They are built for homes with a limited amount of space. It can also be used as a space for displaying or growing indoor plants.


What are the benefits of conservatories?

More than conservatories are a great investment, they are also one of the easiest and most-effective ways to maximize the space of your home or living space. There are plenty of benefits to adding conservatories to your home.

Good insulation

Whatever the weather, keep temperature regulation in your conservatory a breeze. It blocks UV rays and protects your home or space against fade or damage. Conservatories provide an extra layer of insulation in cold months to create an elegant conservatory feel.

Safe and secure

Conservatories must be as secure as any other access point to your home. Installed with materials built with strength and durability, our conservatories is a safe and secure addition to your home.

Added value to your home

Installing conservatories to your homes can increase the worth of your property or space. In addition, they maximize the natural light and space to any homes or living space.


With conservatories, you can custom design your home or living space. It serves a variety of functions to suit the design and structure of your home. Either it is used for commercial or residential applications.

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Are conservatories the right choice for me?

Conservatories are an extension part of a home or space, so its foundation and structure has to be stable. Otherwise, the whole structure could subside. Conservatories can last for even decades when looked after properly.

Conservatories can be poor at keeping heat. However, there are options such as using energy-rated glazing and an external insulated door to separate it from other parts of the house or living space. They are fitted with an independent heating system, and with glazing and electrical installations that complies to the building regulations in Ireland.

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