Composite Doors

If you are looking for a new door that is attractive but low maintenance and secure, then composite doors are the right choice for you! They are a popular replacement option for timber doors. At Windows Doors Dublin, we use the finest quality and strong materials to create a composite door that is attractive, reliable and durable.

What are composite doors?

If you are looking for a new door that is attractive but low maintenance and secure, then composite doors are the right choice for you! They are a popular replacement option for timber doors. At Windows Doors Dublin, we use the finest quality and strong materials to create a composite door that is attractive, reliable and durable.

Composite doors can completely transform the interior and exterior appearance of your home. At Windows & Doors Dublin, we use a unique combination of some of the strongest materials to create quality, highly durable and attractive composite doors. 

All our composite doors have superior thermal and security features, making them the most secure option for your home. Whether you are looking for modern or traditional composite doors, our professional team will help you decide on the right style and colour.

Benefits of Installing Composite Doors

More than they provide increased security for your home, composite doors are a popular choice because it has benefits and features that offer flexibility, premium insulation and other best features. Here are more benefits of installing composite doors to help you decide whether it’s the best choice for you.


Composite doors are built to last. They are built using strong and efficient materials, creating greater durability. It will not warp easily, rot, discolour no matter the weather. Our composite doors can withstand different conditions and will remain steady and attractive throughout every season. They are weather tight and energy-efficient.


Because we care about your safety and security, our experienced and professional team will tailor the composite door to your home and install it securely for a weatherproof fit. You can ensure your loved ones are safe and secure with our composite doors.


Composite doors are low maintenance. No repainting required to keep composite doors looking great. Another advantage of the composite door is that it won’t fade over time. A simple wipe cleaning with a cloth is all it takes to maintain this type of door.


There is a wide range of styles, colours and designs to enhance the look of your home and match the specific design that you need. From traditional to modern, you can expect to find a variety of composite doors that suits your personal style.

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Composite Doors Features

Due to the materials used, composite doors are customizable, more durable and thermally efficient. It combines high-performance features and diverse choices of designs to match the specific needs and requirements of any homes or living space.

Customized designs

Choose a specific colour or design to match your style. Your chosen colour will brighten your home and will surely leave a good impression to your visitors. Composite doors have an outer frame and subframe, providing extra layers of security every time. At Windows & Doors Dublin, we have a full range of designs and colours for composite doors to fit into any home perfectly.

Added security

Composite doors offer high performance and increased security for your homes or living space. They can be built using a strong outer frame and even multi-point locks to create an extremely secure and safe entrance door. This makes it difficult to break into due to their super-strong structure and design.

Thermal efficiency

Our composite doors will keep your home as comfortable as possible. They are designed with great insulating qualities to ensure you will have a door that doesn’t need further weatherstripping. Heat won’t escape and the cold can’t get in easily. Lifespan wise, these types of doors can last around 30 years – if it’s maintained properly. You will enjoy a warmer home and save a lot on your energy consumption.

Composite Doors Dublin: Request a Quote

 If you need composite doors in Dublin, contact us to request a quote or discuss your needs. Our team is available to answer any questions you have.  You will be under no obligation to order, but you will immensely benefit from getting the best information available, and thus save money when you decide to buy.

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Our experienced team provides value and ensures to provide only high-quality composite doors in Dublin. We have a wide range of windows and doors designed to match your specific design and needs. Our composite doors and other UPVC windows and doors are high quality, multi-functional, and attractive. Talk to us on how we can improve your living space.


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