Aluclad Windows

Made from the finest hardwood on the inside, Aluclad windows offers traditional and beautiful lines for your home. On the outside, it’s weather-proof and energy-efficient. That is why aluminium cladding or Aluclad windows has become an increasingly popular choice among homeowners in terms of windows types.

aluminum cladding

What are Aluclad windows?

Aluminum clad windows or Aluclad windows are made of wood on the inside and have aluminum cladding on the outside. Aluclad wooden frames are just as low-maintenance as 100% aluminum frames.

They offer a cozy feeling inside with the wooden finish, and at the same time, the aluminum protects the wood from the elements. The exterior cladding keeps the wood dry and requires less to no maintenance works. The wooden interior can be painted or stained to suit your design requirements. Although aluminum cladding can minimize maintenance and extends the lifespan of windows, it does not add any thermal benefits to the design.

What are the benefits of Aluclad Windows?

Aluclad is a very popular window type among people who are looking to upgrade or renovate their home or space. Read on to find out why.


Aluminium cladding windows are an excellent alternative to timber, PVC or steel windows due to their lightweight construction and durable strength. 


​Slim aluminium window frames can therefore increase the viewing space of your window and maximise the amount of natural light that streams into your home.

Robust and low-maintenance

Aluminium is a robust yet lightweight material and perfect for window framing because it’s low maintenance and provides excellent longevity. Aluminium windows will not rust and can hold up against even the most extreme weather conditions. They don’t swell or warp like wooden window frames.


​Aluminium window frames, we are able to minimise heat transfer between indoors and outdoors and maximise thermal efficiency. Not only does this help to keep heat in during winter and reduce the amount of energy wasted in heating the home, but it also helps to maintain a cool, stable temperature during summer.

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Are Aluclad windows the right choice for me?

If you are considering or you want to find out if getting Aluclad windows is the best choice for your home, take a look at its benefits again.

The best thing about aluclad or aluminium cladding windows is that they are highly versatile and suitable for all areas of the home. They are low-maintenance and durable too.

The external aluminium profile protects the timber construction against the weather. Thus, it requires little maintenance.

Aluminium windows are built with exceptional security features to help you feel safe and comfortable.

At Windows & Doors Dublin, we offer a suite of low maintenance, durable and energy-efficient Aluclad windows.

aluclad windows

An alternative for Aluclad Windows – UPVC Windows

UPVC is also a good alternative for Aluclad windows. They are quite durable though not as aesthetically pleasing as Aluclad windows.

In comparison to Aluclad windows, UPVC windows are way more affordable. It requires nearly no maintenance and are energy-efficient as it doesn’t transfer heat.

Get more information on Aluclad windows by requesting a quote

Still unsure whether Aluclad windows are right for you? Windows Doors Dublin​ has a range of doors and windows to enhance the comfort and wellbeing of your homes and your family. Request a quote to learn more about its price and other details. You will be under no obligation to buy, but you will benefit from getting the best information available, and thus save money when you do choose to buy. 

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Sash Window

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Composite Doors

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Casement Windows

Aluclad Windows Features:

Custom windows and doors

At Windows & Doors Dublin, we also create custom windows and doors for your unique needs. Any size, colour or style, we make it possible. 

Energy efficient solutions

We also create make energy efficient windows and doors. Reduce heating and cooling costs, while protect the interior of your home. 

Internal and external grills

With a wide array of internal and external grills, you can’t go wrong. Choose the recommended door designs or customize them to meet your specific needs and ideal design.

Glass finishes

​Choose the pattern and glass you want, and we will custom build your doors to meet your specific design needs. Select from the wide range of glass textures and degree of your preference.

Custom colours

Bring more life and colour to your home. We offer a wide spectrum of standard colours to fit the design requirements of your homes or space.